Map of the city Pathein

Here you can see online maps of the city Pathein, Ayeyawady Region, Myanmar [Burma]. Resolution of the map allows you to see even small objects. If necessary, scale the map, or choose a map from another provider (currently there are five available, from Openmap, Google, Microsoft (Bing), Nokia (Ovi) and Cloudmates).
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Online maps of the city Pathein in high resolution: physical, satellite, road map, terrain maps.
Information on the city Pathein
CountryUnion of Burma
Region or state Ayeyawady Region
Name of the city Pathein
Alternative names Bassein, Patejn, Pathein, Puthein, Патейн
Population of the city237 000
Geographic latitude16°46’45"N
Geographic longitude94°43’55"E
Time zoneAsia/Rangoon
Nearest airports Bassein (BSX) Gwa (GWA) Henzada (HEB)

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