Flight time and distance for the travel London - New York City    

Distance: 3459 miles or 5570 kilometers.

The flying distance for a direct flight from London, England, United Kingdom to New York City, New York, United States equals 5570 kilometers (or 3459 miles).

Flight time: 7:48 min.

We estimated the cruising speed of a typical commercial airliner to be 510 m/h (820 km/h). We also added 20 min., to be spent on the taking off and landing. In practice, the flight distance is 10% longer than calculated, because of the Aviation Regulations.

** Please, note: The red line the is a calculated route, some deviation is possible.
Country United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Region or state England
Nearest airports RAF Station (AYH) Bembridge (BBP) Blackbushe (BBS) Honington (BEQ) RAF Station (BEX) London Biggin Hill (BQH) Brighton (BSH) Cambridge (CBG) Shoreham (ESH) Farnborough (FAB) Hendon (HEN) Hatfield (HTF) High Wycombe (HYC) Marham RAF (KNF) Milton Keynes (KYN) London City Airport (LCY) London Gatwick (LGW) London Heathrow (LHR) Lakenheath RAF (LKZ) London Luton (LTN) Mildenhall Arpt (MHZ) Northolt (NHT) RAF Station (ODH) Northampton (ORM) Portsmouth (PME) London St. Pancras (QQS) London-Waterloo (QQW) Rochester (RCS) London Southend (SEN) London Stansted (STN) West Malling (WEM) Woodbridge RAF (WOB) Weathersfield Raf (WXF) British Rail Terminal (ZLX) Hartford CT Rail (ZRT)
CountryUnited States
Region or state New York
New York City
Nearest airports Asbury Park (ARX) Zahns (AYZ) Igor I. Sikorsky Mem. (BDR) Monmouth Executive Airport (BLM) Grumman (BPA) Caldwell Wright (CDW) Deer Park (DPK) Danbury Municipal Airport (DXR) Newark Liberty International (EWR) Flushing (FLU) Republic Field (FRG) Westchester County Apt (HPN) Long Island Mac Arthur (ISP) John F Kennedy Intl (JFK) Island Heliport (JHC) West 30th St Heliport (JRA) Downtown Manhattan H/p (JRB) East 60th Street H/P (JRE) Sikorsky Heliport (JSD) Central Jersey Regional Airport (JVI) Linden (LDJ) La Guardia (LGA) Burlington County (LLY) Orange County (MGJ) Robert J. Miller (MJX) Municipal (MMU) Sullivan County Intl (MSV) Naec (NEL) Heliport (ORQ) Waterbury-oxford (OXC) Princeton (PCT) Dutchess County (POU) Marine Air Terminal (QNY) Stewart (SWF) Teterboro (TEB) East 34th St Heliport (TSS) Trenton Mercer Airport (TTN) Mc Guire Afb (WRI) World Trade Center (WTC) Pennsylvania Railroad Station (ZRP) Stamford Rail STN (ZTF)
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